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Lockdown will be over and some important things to remember!

We are three months into hard lockdown here in Sydney & its been tough. With no clinics, jump days & any outings we are so ready to start things back up again! We are now back into full out planning mode to make sure that we have a lot of events in the pipeline ready to go once lockdown restrictions have eased. We aren't 100% sure what our events will look like but we will run them even if they have to be tiny. (We will be following all government guidelines). With that being said, riders need to remember that if we are already planning for our events to kick off again soon then so will other organising committees. No doubt some bigger competitions will be kicking off soon too.

What does that mean for riders?

Firstly, make sure that all your necessary memberships are up to date for all the different clubs and associations that you are involved in so you're ready to get straight back out there.

Secondly, now is the time to start evaluating your horses fitness levels and training routines. Please, please, please remember that unless your horse has maintained a full training routing throughout lockdown then they are going to struggle to perform at the same level as they did before lockdown started. Riders may consider competing down a level or two for their first few shows back after lockdown. Unfortunately with the amount of time between competitions we are much more likely to see injuries if the horses aren't given a proper re-introduction to a busy schedule.

Thirdly, it's time for you to evaluate your own fitness levels. Our fitness is just as important as our horses, we can play a big part in our performance. We are also athletes alongside our horses and should see our own training routines just as important. The last thing anyone wants is to see our riders getting injured from things that could have been avoidable with a bit of extra fitness. So use this as a great reminder to start training again for yourself and your horses sake.

We hope you are all so excited for all the upcoming events that we will be running later this year and into next year and cannot wait to see you all soon!

Love the HARA girls


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