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What is HARA Equine?

HARA Equine was founded in May 2019, two sisters Rhianna and Hayley decided to organise a cross country clinic to advertise their laundry business. It was such a success and had such a big impact on so many riders that they continued to book in clinics and have since ran many cross country clinics, show jump training days, dressage days and now also run two local jump clubs at the fabulous Oaks Sport Horses and also at Camden Bicentennial Park.

Riders know that when they attend a training day or a clinic with us that we create a very inclusive environment with a big community feel. We like to make sure there is a strong emphasis on riders supporting other riders and everyone having a great time.

We have some big plans for the future with HARA Equine and many more events and opportunities coming up. To stay involved make sure you subscribe to our email listing to be first to know when future events are being held so you don't miss out. See you out there!

Love the HARA Girls


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