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Horse Rug Cleaning & Repairs Booking Form

Fill out below information to

enquire/book in a collection.

Thanks for submitting! We will get in contact with you asap to discuss pick up details.



  • We will send you an invoice via email once we have completed your rugs. The invoice will have a secure online payment link to pay via credit card/Apple Pay. Email address must be provided.

  • Payment must be received prior to rugs being returned to drop off point. We ask payment be made promptly as we want to ensure you receive your rugs back as soon as possible.



  • Washing rugs take one week to complete from the day of collection from your drop point.

  • Repairs take an additional week to complete on top of the washing time frame.



  • If you require your rug to be repaired, this is an additional cost to cleaning.

  • A separate REPAIRS invoice will be sent once repairs are completed.

  • All rugs MUST be cleaned by HARA EQUINE prior to repairs being done.

  • List repairs required for each rug in detail.

  • If you require repairs, this will take an additional week to complete.



  • We will send a text once your rugs have been dropped off to the collection point.

  • Please ensure that you collect your items within one week.


*Our drop off/collection points are not a storage facility- if they have not been collected within 7 days we will send a friendly reminder to collect. Once 14 days have passed and rugs still have not been collected we will take them back to HARA HQ. In the event horse rugs/gear are not paid or collected within 30 days from invoice date, a storage fee of $5.00 per week or part of per rug will be charged.*



  • Damaged /Torn Rugs-All care will be taken, but no responsibility for further damage, as a small tear could increase in size after washing or drying.



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